Price & conditions

"Each of our kittens receives special attention. Raised in a family environment and with a lot of love, we expect no less from their future family"

Our kittens leave the cattery from 3 months/4 months :

  • A kitten kit (toys, kibble samples, welcome booklet and advice...)
  • Copy of parents' pedigrees and health tests
  • Registered with LOOF
  • Certificate and sales contract
  • Certificates of good health by our veterinarian
  • Sterilize or neuter
  •  Passport
  • Typhus and coryza vaccines
  • Identify by electronic chip

Our kittens leave the cattery dewormed internally and externally (worms, fleas, ticks). They are treated regularly against parasites from their birth to their departure. The treatment protocol and the products used are scrupulously annotated in their health records.

Additional genetic or health tests can be carried out on the kittens at the request of the adopters and in addition to the sale price.

For their future safety and health, we prefer an indoor cat life. The exterior being strewn with dangers and can unfortunately lead to dramatic consequences (poisoning, collision with vehicles, aggression of other animals...).

For their well-being, we strongly recommend keeping them indoors! The British because of his character will fit in perfectly.

  • Sterilization/castration: We practice early sterilization on our kittens in order to guarantee them a serene life as a pet cat. This condition is neither negotiable nor cashable and mandatory for ALL kittens intended for pet.

"A beautiful purebred kitten, well in these paws, is not the result of chance. But the rigorous upstream work of serious breeders over several generations of cats. And a daily passion of the breeder who gives birth to these kittens with all the love and rigor that the profession requires. The operation of a cattery also has a cost. Quality food, litter, daily care, health tests, equipment, monitoring of gestation (ultrasound, X-ray), possible outside projection , pedigree... Everything is necessary to ensure the good health of kittens and our cats in general. All this at a price: that of quality."

PRICE 2022 : 

Price for a pet cat in Europe :

 -€1500 (Inclued for Switzerland and Luxembourg)

Price for show and breeding cat (All country) :

- €2000 / €3000 (price defined according to the quality of the kitten)

Kittens for breeding:

We can be brought to sell a kitten for reproduction only to serious breeders,  who work with respect for the animal. We want all our kittens to live in a family context so they will only go to family breeding and whose living conditions suit us. The price of a cat for reproduction being fixed according to the demand, the marriage and the quality of the kitten, please contact us, price range from 2000€ to 3000€.

The price of a raw not the titration for rabies or the different tests required for export to particular countries

Femelle bleu portée Oasis et Milou 2019
Femelle bleu portée Oasis et Milou 2019

Booking and pre-booking

You will find all the information for pre-booking in our Instagram story or please send me a DM

Travel of kittens

If you cannot pick up your kitten yourself in our cattery. we work with several professional transporters for the transport of cats in complete safety and in good conditions respect their well-being.

If you decide to travel by plane we can bring the kitten for free to Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport for Paris and Marseille airports a supplement will be requested.

"Concerned about the well-being of our kittens. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel the acquisition of a cat if the living conditions do not seem optimal to us and in the idea of what we wish for their future life. If a deposit was paid, it is then refunded in full in the event of cancellation on our part"