The life in the cattery

We are a family cattery and our cats share our life in their own right. 

They evolve at the pace of the family and are fully part of it.

 We take great pleasure in giving birth to beautiful kittens who are well in their paws in a family context so that they will subsequently satisfy loving families.

Each kitten receives special attention. We watch over their good development, socialization from birth until they leave for their new homes. Our kittens are raised in the house with us and our other British, we bring them all the love they need during their first months of life. 

The kittens evolve in a varied and stimulating environment allowing them to fully develop into a future balanced cat.

Our British are fed with quality food, we mix Barf food and hyper premium croquettes are available to them at will. And every day we give them their daily portions of various meats or wet food.

We have a dedicated "cattery" room for our adults with everything necessary for their well-being. Space for games, relaxation... Our cats live in two groups that change regularly so that everyone can enjoy family life. Breeding males also living with us in the house, it is sometimes necessary to separate male and females sometimes. To avoid unwanted projections and respect the rest time of mothers.

The life of our kittens " Furry Angel"

- Our babies are always born under our supervision, quietly in our bedroom so as not to be disturbed by the comings and goings of other cats. They stay there for up to around 2-3 weeks depending on their motricity and tone.

- They then go to a closed and secure kitten park to start evolving, learning to walk and start playing. Under our constant supervision in the living room.

- We change the park regularly until they are 2 months old in order to adapt the size and the games for better development. And the beginning of food weaning around 5 weeks

- Once the cleanliness has been acquired, the kittens evolve near us in the living space until their departure.

Babies leave the cattery from 3 months- 4 months, in order to guarantee a good physical and psychic development. However, each kitten being different, this delay is adapted according to their needs. Indeed, some need more time to feel ready to become the perfect life partner.

Reproduction and selection

We take care to select cats with a pigmented eye color, forehead, a solid frame and all in roundness. Character is also essential for future balanced and cuddly kittens.

Breeding is not just about giving birth to kittens. It is also to select breeding quality, with the aim of improving the breed that we are raising.

No cat is perfect but it is advisable to limit the defaults to the maximum.

No marriage is made at random, but with the most complementary cats possible.

Keep in mind that nothing is the result of chance... it is the work of several breeders, over several generations of cats to arrive at this little kitten that you expect with its pretty face and its super cuddly and playful character.

Our females reproduce once a year maximum. Depending on their physical and mental state. The well-being of our cats comes first.

The physical characteristics are in the first place what makes us choose a race or another. But the health criteria are in no way to be neglected.

Our breeders are tested free of PKD (polycystic kidney disease), FIV and FELV. We also work with HCM test lines to minimize the risk of genetic factors. Our breeding lines are disease free for several generations.