Who am i?

"My first name is Tiffany. Passionate about animals since always, they have punctuated my entire life. My story with the cat is quite recent, it dates from 2016. When I adopted my first British Shorthair, Lady, a lilac female, she allowed me to start the cattery with a solid base. But before that... My first passion horses and more particularly the Arabian horse with its natural charisma and its unique pace. The dream of a life that I concretize by buying my first Arabian horse. He will share 7 years of my life. Before that, I fell in love with the Japanese Akita Inu dog that I raised for a few years before leaving for new horizons. The profession of breeder is for me a vocation, a way of life. An unparalleled life that requires constant questioning. Which makes me vibrate and also cry sometimes. I love it for all its aspects. Even the most difficult because they are the ones who make us appreciate success!

Today, every day, I write a new page in the history of "Of Furry Angel".

Thank you to the breeders, adoptive families for trusting me without you nothing would be possible!