Familly Cattery of British shorthair ! 

The ultimate family cat 

"So British"

As its name suggests, the British Shorthair originated in Great Britain. Difficult to remain indifferent in the face of such charisma and these airs of teddy bears. Boasting a powerful and sturdy body. 

Dense, tight fur. It is also distinguished by these pretty curves.

This is also why it is considered the "Teddy Bear" of the feline breed.

His calm and balanced character makes him the perfect family cat. Easy to live with on a daily basis, it will easily adapt to family life with children and/or other animals. On condition that from birth he benefits from a rich education and socialization. This is why it is essential to choose the cattery that will give birth to and raise your little British until he arrives at your home!

The majestic allure in roundness.


Birth season is START ! 

The first kittens have pointed the tip of their noses... Go to the kitten page HERE


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